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Why an Orlando Alimony Lawyer Needs to Prove Standard of Living in Your Alimony Case

The Standard of Living is an Important Factor an Orlando Alimony Lawyer Must Prove for a Court to Properly Calculate Alimony

We assist hundreds of family law clients every year.  When a client has an issue involving alimony, one of the main questions we receive is how will the court calculate alimony.  The answer is straight forward.  Implementing the answer is where an Orlando alimony attorney comes into play.

Orlando Alimony LawyerAll alimony questions should be answered by first looking at statute.  § 61.08, Fla. Stat. instructs courts on how to calculate the type and amount of alimony that may be awarded to a spouse.  The court is instructed to look at a number of factors to make this determination.  The court must also make determinations regarding whether one spouse has a need for alimony, and whether the other spouse has a financial ability to pay alimony.  These findings are very important.  The findings must accompany any Final Judgment of Dissolution awarding alimony.

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What is Required Under the Florida Mandatory Disclosures Divorce Statute?

Compliance with the Florida mandatory disclosures statute is very important in your divorce case.

Florida mandatory disclosures

In family law cases in Florida, spouses are required to complete various items before their divorce.  One of these items is referred to as Florida mandatory disclosure.  Mandatory disclosure requires a spouse to provide the other spouse with financial documents.  It also requires that the spouse prepare a financial affidavit.  Both providing documents and preparing a financial affidavit are very important in your divorce case.

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