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The Orlando attorneys at Salfi | Sprysenski, P.A. welcome you to our website. We proudly represent clients throughout Central Florida in diverse legal matters. Whether you’re a business owner who needs sensitive and timely help with litigation, a homeowner who faces imminent foreclosure on your home, or a parent of young children who recently separated from the other parent, we can explain your obligations and options in clear language and help you achieve the results you want.

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Every case is unique, and every client has special needs and concerns. At Salfi | Sprysenski, P.A., our goal is to help our clients identify and assess their challenges. Once you understand exactly what obstacles stand in your way, legally and otherwise, you can begin to make more informed decisions, comforted by the insight and structure.

 A Former Judge with Over Fifty Years of Experience

Salfi | Sprysenski, P.A. is led by former Circuit Court Judge for the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Attorney Dominick J. Salfi.  Mr. Salfi has practiced law for over fifty years, and has accomplished many firsts as an attorney in Central Florida.  These firsts include being the first State Attorney for the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit, the youngest Florida judge appointed to the bench at the time of his appointment, and being the only United States lawyer allowed to  defend a US citizen on Cuban soil.

Attorney Christopher M. Sprysenski, a Central Florida native, also brings to his practice a decade of experience assisting Fortune 500 companies with complex business matters.  Mr. Sprysenski takes the foundations of his business experience, and provides these concepts to all of his cases.

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Our Orlando attorneys have created a website that is packed with free information that we’ve compiled about diverse areas of Florida law. Read these articles, so that you can understand the basic legal concepts and challenges you may face. Knowledge is power. You can go directly to our Family LawBusiness Law, Foreclosure Defense or Litigation practice area pages now.

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